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Why exchange when you can refill?

Running out of propane can put a damper on things. So, if it’s time to refill your propane tank or to top it off before the big BBQ or camping trip, stop by your local Murdoch’s.

At Murdoch’s, we will only charge you for the fuel we put into your tank with no hidden fees or minimum amount required. We will also fill your tank to the legal limit, which you often don’t get in a tank exchange. Our stations are open daily during our business hours, so stop in and let us save you some money with a propane refill.

Propane refill stations are available at the following stores. But stay tuned as we continue to add stations to our remaining stores.


*Propane refills are not available in Longmont, Montrose, Parker, Rock Springs, Silverthorne, and Westminster. Propane prices may vary by store. Please contact your nearest Murdoch's location for current prices.