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Carniolan Queen Carniolan Colony


  • Start producing early in the spring
  • Early production allows for increased population growth
  • More likely to swarm (their effort to relieve overcrowding)
  • Can handle harsher, colder climates better than other stocks
  • Less likely to rob other colonies of honey, which lessens the chances of disease
Italian Queen Italian Colony


  • Prolific honey producers
  • Comparably less defensive than other stocks
  • Brood rearing exhibited for long durations, starting in springtime, can cause them to eat surplus honey if supers aren’t removed after flow
  • More likely to rob other colonies of honey, which increases the chances of disease
  • Tend not to swarm
  • Pure, sweet golden honey, of course!
  • Honeybees can also play a vital role in pollination of crops on small-scale hobby farms.
  • Beehives produce a multitude of other substances with a variety of benefits, including bees wax, propolis, and pollen.
  • With beeswax from your own hives, you could produce personal goods, like candles, lotions, salves, lip balms, soaps, and even in cooking at home quite easily.
  • Nothing beats going into your own garden and watching bees working feverishly to bring valuable contributions back to their hive all while pollinating your vegetables and flowers.


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